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Rikard Sommer was born in 1965, and lives in a suburb outside of Oslo, Norway with his wife.
If Nobody Listens is his debut, although he has been writing most of his life. The book is available in English and Norwegian versions.

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How much of the story is true?
Most of it is fiction. Borodianka is a town in Ukraine, I chose it because it has a small airfield. But there are probably no farms there that resemble the one described in the novel.
Still, some disturbing facts are real. There has long been a worldwide neglect of developing new antibiotics. This is obviously a serious matter and many governments are launching financial incentives to motivate the industry.
The plot, however, is pure fiction. I enjoyed writing it. Hope you enjoy reading it. After spending the best part of the last two years writing and editing it, I am also glad to be finished.

Will Rikard Sommer write more novels?

Do any of the characters resemble Rikard Sommer? Or family, or friends?
Not really. But if you like one of the characters, perhaps Rikard Sommer is a bit like him. Or her.


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