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‘Sommer has a great writing voice that truly allows you to engage in his amazing storytelling abilities.’ – Amazon
‘A very engaging book. The dark plot is well developed and thought out and is replete with mystery, suspense and surprises.’ –  Amazon
‘As the story develops, the descriptions really catch attention and I was just astonished at some incidents. All in all a good book!’ –  Amazon
‘I really like this book, if you are interested in a really good thriller with light sci-fi elements and characters that you can relate to, this is one to look out for. ’ –  Amazon
‘A true Nordic noir, this story is utterly gripping and will be loved by anyone who, like me, enjoys that genre. As well as having a cracking story-line, this is a well-written book’ –  Amazon
‘A very twisted plot with lots of danger and excitement. well worth reading.’ –  NetGalley
‘This book has a highly original plot and it is well developed with mystery, suspense and surprises that I thought amazing.’ –  NetGalley


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